Amazing History

Lithuanian Game Jam has a history that spans 13 years – the first event took place just after the first game jam in the world, in 2002, when the founding fathers of Lithuanian game development scene – group “Nesnausk” followed the example set by Chris Hecker and Sean Barrett and organized the 2nd game jam in the world. The event was repeated in 2003, and as the core group got involved in the full-time game industry careers, the tradition ceased.

In 2009, the Lithuanian Game Jam was revived as a part of inaugural Global Game Jam event and became annual event gathering all the Lithuanian video game industry for the exciting weekend of cooperation, experimentation and meeting old and new friends.

2016 event made the record books with more than 600 participants in three major cities in Lithuania.

Since 2014 the event is organised by Lithuanian Game Developers Association.

@ 2016 Lietuvos žaidimų kūrėjų asociacija - info@lzka.lt